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La Demence- Army Boys- Cancelled @ La Demence
When the Brussels Government announced the prohibition of parties with more than 1.000 participants, we immediately decided to cancel the party. Many guests who had already booked their trip to Brussels asked us to maintain the party with less than 1.000 guests, and the authorities gave us a positive answer for that. That’s why we decided to maintain it.

Because your health and safety are very important to us, we asked for professional advice about health and safety measures that need to be taken, seeing that the situation is constantly changing. The evaluation makes us, without any possible doubt, conclude that we should not to maintain the party, even with less than 1.000 visitors.


When: vrijdag 13 maart
Time: 22:00 hrs.

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    Where/ Waar

    @ La Demence
    Rue Bleasstraat 208, Brussel