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La Demence Cruise 2020

Sunday Jul 05 till Sunday Jul 12, 2020    

With more then 2,000 gays on a boat! It's an amazing experience.

It's the 10th year of The La Demence Cruise, a trip not to be missed! Sailing out of Rome on the 5th of July 2020, The Cruise takes you on a legendary journey to Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia, to Kotor in Montenegro and Sarandë in Albania. Explore pristine beaches and historic UNESCO world heritage sites and enjoy mouth-watering cuisine.

What to Do

With mind-blowing parties on a ship amidst dramatic settings and a vibrant crowd, The Cruise created an escape to the everyday shore-bound lives. The Cruise has seen a yearly growth in numbers and nationalities, welcoming over 2100 guests, from 85 different nationalities on its last edition.

Kijk voor het complete programma op de website van de organizatie van het La Demence Cruise:

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In September the Coming 7th edition of the European La Demence gay cruise offers you a unique itinerary from Lisbon to Madeira and the Canary islands, on board of the ship Monarch. With more then 2,00.. > read more

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Komende zomer is het al weer tijd voor de inmiddels 7de editie de La Demence Cruise. Deze Europese gay cruise biedt een unieke route van Lissabon naar Madeira en de Canarische eilanden, aan boord van .. > lees verder

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Na Malta, Griekenland, Israël en Italië tijdens de afgelopen vijf jaar, wordt de zesde editie van The Cruise voluit Spaans. > lees verder

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After Malta, Greece, Israel and Italy in the past five years, the sixth edition of “The Cruise” will be completely Spanish. > read more

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